Southeast Asia Bridge Crane And Equipment Co., Ltd. (or S.E.A CRANE) is one of the top companies which are well-known in supplying cranes and hoists in Vietnam with the technical experts and experienced workers who are always available to serve all of the requirement about the lifting equipment.

With a diverse human resource and a technical team with deep experience, we have step by step affirmed our brand in Vietnam market.

We always have professional and effective solutions for each customer demand in different industries. Especially, the continuous improvement in our products (including cranes, gantries and hoists) is one of the ways helps us to be success in supporting customers.

Our services include

  • Crane (double girder, single girder), wall travelling crane, jib crane, monorail
  • Gantry crane, Semi-gantry crane (double girder, single girder, etc.)
  • Hoists and industrial machines

S.E.A Crane is the official distributor/importer the lifting equipment of HYUNDAI KOREA and HITACHI JAPAN which are famous all over the world. Their equipment, hoists, accessories, etc. meet most of the International standards and TCVN 4244-2005.

Our business driven, which is building a reliable brand with high-quality, would help us to satisfy our value customers’ trust. We look forward to receiving your cooperation.